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единый телефон для обращений
+7 (4212) 70-47-30 диспетчерская
+7 (4212) 42-47-44 затопили соседи или прорвало трубу
+7 (4212) 21-64-29 на улице затопило колодец
+7 (4212) 42-87-64 нет холодной воды
+7 (4212) 46-21-91 нет горячей воды или отопления (МУП «Тепловые сети»)
+7 (4212 )47-80-80 проблемы с канализацией
8-800-101-38-86 для обращений в службу реализации

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 The Khabarovsk Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Vodocanal” is one of the oldest, powerful and continuously growing enterprises of the Khabarovsk city.
The Vodocanal’s history goes back to 28 July, 1907 when the first water supply section in Khabarovsk and in the Far East was tested.

Now the Khabarovsk Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Vodocanal” is one of the largest housing and communal services enterprises in the Far East. 
The enterprise has more than 1200 kilometers of the municipal networks, 47 water and 33 sewer pump stations, water treatment stations for portable water supplying of 374 thousand cubic meters per day total efficiency, wastewater treatment stations of 220 thousand cubic meters per day total efficiency, a large automobile park equipped with specialized engineering.

The last fifteen years the Khabarovsk Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Vodocanal” develops intensively, improves the production processes, realizes phased automation of production, testes and adopts the new kinds of reagents.
Every year the tens of kilometers of water-supply networks, sewerage networks and valving are replaced using the up-to-date trenchless technologies and materials.

Safety and efficiency of the technological processes were improved due to the technical innovation of the pumping stations. 
The efficiency and the working conditions of the Vodocanal’s staff are improved as well.

Among the most important projects included in the investment plan “Development of water supply and sewerage facilities in 2006-2010 and till 2015”and implemented by Vodocanal’s staff there are the shifting of the drinking water supply system from surface to the underground sources — construction of the Tunguska Groundwater Intake Facilities, pumping stations’ reconstruction, construction of the Head Water Treatment Plant – the second stage and construction of the main pipelines.

Success and achievements of the enterprise are the result of the fruitful staff’s work.

The work results of the Khabarovsk Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Vodocanal” on developing of water supplying and sewerage systems are highly appreciated. The enterprise won the first prizes in the All-Russian competition for the best organization of the enterprise in the sphere of housing and communal services on the effectiveness under the new economic conditions in 2001, 2003, 2005. In 2006, 2007 the enterprise was awarded a winner title of the All-Russian contest “Russian Organization of High Social Efficiency”.

Among the most important awards there are the Grand prize of Federal agency for Construction and HCS of RF “Golden key” and the Diploma winner of the 7th All-Russian contest “The 1000 best Enterprises and Organizations of Russia — 2006”.